Song grew up in Shanghai and learned film in Hong Kong. In 2014, he started to be recognized through his work being showed at 38th Hong Kong international film festival. In the same year, Song graduated with a degree in Creative Media and continued to follow his dream in American Film Institute Conservatory as a directing fellow. He understands film with other arts and draws inspiration from different fields, in which French New Wave filmmakers along with Fluxus artists in 1960s and Japanese documentary filmmaker Shinsuke Ogawa have the most influence on his works. 


Koodae is a former certified public accountant, a manager in the financial and auditing field for six years, recently changed her career to filmmaking. She is currently enrolled in American Film Institute as a producing discipline since FALL 2014. Her recent acclaimed produced film includes “LOCKSMITHS”, an official selection for The Cannes Short Film Corner 2015. She is currently producing a feature debut film of Hiroshi Katagiri, a longtime top artist in the field of special effect makeup.


In 2008, Victor earned a degree in Communications in his hometown (Salvador, in Brazil). After that, he had no idea what to do and went on a long journey to find what he really loved and, ultimately, himself. He lived in Canada studying Marketing, and fell in love with his elective Film History class. After that, he moved to Sao Paulo to become a film director and started teaching English to make a living. In the mean time, he made some movies, including a 13-award-winning short film and a feature documentary. And, after six years, he finally understood where every one of those experiences had led him to. In 2014, he was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship, moved to the USA, and got accepted at AFI to pursue a MFA in Screenwriting. Who knows what might happen next?


Stanislav Bondarenko has an extensive background in computer animation and visual effects. His most recent work at Pixar Animation Studios gave directors and cinematographers the ability to interact with CG characters and environments using hand-operated cameras. Pixar is currently employing this technology in the production of their feature film, INSIDE OUT. Stanislav has worked on a number of live-action short films in various roles, from lighting grip to director of photography. He considers himself a Northern Californian at heart, having lived in the Bay Area for close to two decades after leaving his native Russia.


Dana Maddox began her journey as a professional choreographer/dancer in New York City, traveling the globe in such musicals as Annie Get Your Gun and The Music Man. She has collaborated with musicians, writers and vagabonds on music videos, book trailers, and short films, editing her way to AFI. Her work has taken her to every state in the US except Hawaii and Alaska. She hopes to change that very soon.

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