1960s, Arden feels invisible among the boys of his strict Catholic orphanage. Insecure of his voice, Arden pretends to sing by mouthing the words. When the the arrival of Mr. Stevens, the new music teacher, Arden is quickly discovered. Mr. Stevens offers to teach Arden how to sing and soon a friendship is formed. As Arden becomes more confident and outgoing,  the sense of freedom pushes him to become the opposite of whom he used to be, will Arden succeed in finding his own voice?



I want to share a moment that illustrates how I grew up. One time, a choir competition took place at my elementary school. All the students were required to participate with their own class. One day during practice, my teacher noticed that someone in the bass section was out of the tune. We tried a few times but the off-tune sound was still there. Then the teacher asked everyone in the bass section to sing one by one. When it came to my turn, the teacher interrupted me before I even finished the first line, and all the other students started to laugh. The teacher didn’t explain the reason but simply told me to mouth along.

Though I was unaware at the time, small incidents like what happened in that choir planted the idea in my mind that sometime it is better to stay silent when others don’t like what you are saying and made me a very self-conscious person. This small but significant incident is something I would like to explore in my film about a boy finding his own voice through little moments in life.


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